This is it! It’s the big day and we have one last, (but CERTAINLY not least) sponsor to spotlight here on the blog. Where do you even start with Miosa?! IT’S MIOSA!!!! If you have never heard of Miosa Bride, then you are new to the area or have been living under a rock and you must crawl out NOW! Not only are they THE most talented designers, but they are GIVING AWAY A FREAKING DRESS at the show tonight. And, not just a dress. A custom dress!

IMG_5131 IMG_5156

You guys. The husband and wife team that is Miosa, are magical. Their dresses are everything from cutting-edge and modern, to traditional and classic. Not only are they breathtaking, but they are constructed to perfection, with only the best material. They believe that the inside of the dress should be as pretty as the outside. And they are not kidding. I have witnessed it, first-hand. I was the bridesmaid who would be in charge of the bustle, so as I kneel down to learn how to bustle my best friends wedding dress, I kid you not, the ties were COLOR CODED! Amazing! They do not miss a detail.

IMG_4939 (2) IMG_4798 (2)

They take their custom-dress-making seriously.  They are all about the emotional tie between the bride-to-be and her dress. It needs to take her breath away, nothing less. Not only that, they know that every BODY is different and that the cut of the dress needs to accentuate what it SHOULD, and not what it shouldn’t, if ya know what I mean.

Miosa 3 Miosa 2 Miosa 1

If you are a bride -to-be, you have to take a trip downtown, meet the wonderful owners of Miosa, and see what magic they can make happen for the biggest day of your life! You can check out their website HERE and pay a visit to their Facebook page HERE. For those of you who bought VIP tickets, best of luck tonight! I hope you get to win the dress of your dreams!!!!