This is it! It’s the big day and we have one last, (but CERTAINLY not least) sponsor to spotlight here on the blog. Where do you even start with Miosa?! IT’S MIOSA!!!! If you have never heard of Miosa Bride, then you are new to the area or have been living under a rock and you must crawl out NOW! Not only are they THE most talented designers, but they are GIVING AWAY A FREAKING DRESS at the show tonight. And, not just a dress. A custom dress!

IMG_5131 IMG_5156

You guys. The husband and wife team that is Miosa, are magical. Their dresses are everything from cutting-edge and modern, to traditional and classic. Not only are they breathtaking, but they are constructed to perfection, with only the best material. They believe that the inside of the dress should be as pretty as the outside. And they are not kidding. I have witnessed it, first-hand. I was the bridesmaid who would be in charge of the bustle, so as I kneel down to learn how to bustle my best friends wedding dress, I kid you not, the ties were COLOR CODED! Amazing! They do not miss a detail.

IMG_4939 (2) IMG_4798 (2)

They take their custom-dress-making seriously.  They are all about the emotional tie between the bride-to-be and her dress. It needs to take her breath away, nothing less. Not only that, they know that every BODY is different and that the cut of the dress needs to accentuate what it SHOULD, and not what it shouldn’t, if ya know what I mean.

Miosa 3 Miosa 2 Miosa 1

If you are a bride -to-be, you have to take a trip downtown, meet the wonderful owners of Miosa, and see what magic they can make happen for the biggest day of your life! You can check out their website HERE and pay a visit to their Facebook page HERE. For those of you who bought VIP tickets, best of luck tonight! I hope you get to win the dress of your dreams!!!!

Sponsor Spotlight: Dengate Design

We are ONE DAY out from the big party and wrapping up our last couple of Sponsor Spotlights!

Today we are highlighting Dengate Design Group. They have been our go-to for flyers and such for quite some time now and man, do they produce good stuff!! They have done all of our marketing materials for the Bridal show and other general marketing goodies for Classique, as well! Let me tell you, we are proud to hand out such gorgeous material!!

SCBP Flyer 1

SCBP Flyer 2


This ain’t their first rodeo, they’ve been putting their creative touch on companies throughout the United States for over 35 years. They do everything from printing materials, to mailing service, to trade show banners and products. For more info, visit their website HERE!

Sponsor Spotlight – XCiTED to talk about XSiGHT Media

We’re back with another Sponsor Spotlight post, highlighting a super talented team of photographers and videographers!


Just as buying a couple of fancy turntables and a laptop doesn’t make you a good DJ, buying a fancy camera and the equipment that goes with it doesn’t make you a good photographer. The team over at XSiGHT have over 25 years experience and it SHOWS! These guys are so talented, they just have that eye. They aren’t just about getting the shot, they’re about telling the story of your day through photos and video.


Seeing this fantastic team in action, it’s obvious they put their heart and soul into what they do! We are proud to call them part of our team for the Sacramento Couture Bridal Party!

You can check out their beautiful portfolio and all of their info on their website HERE and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook HERE!


Sponsor Spotlight Double Whammy: Sac Magazine & Our Wedding Magazine

Sacramento-Magazine-August-2015_Page_1    Our Wedding Cover

If you want to know where to go in Sacramento to be one of the cool kids, all you need to do is flip through a few pages of Sac Mag! Sacramento Magazine has been giving us the inside scoop on everything Sacramento for 41 years. Their annual Best of Sacramento party is the definition of epic epicness! If you haven’t been, have no fear, this is the year to make it happen because one of the biggest parties of the year is returning to the Sacramento Convention Center on November 12th!! (ticket info HERE!).  Seriously, ALL the cool kids will be there.  Don’t worry, you can sit at our table 😉

Best of Party

We, here at Classique Catering, have been long time readers and fans of Sac Mag and are proud to say that we have been voted Best Caterer by Sac Mag 12 years in a row!! We truly look forward to getting our monthly copies of the magazine in the mail and you will frequently see our Chef mosey through the office, asking if they have come yet. No lie.

Office Sac Mag Covers

Our ‘Best Caterer’ plaques, showcased in our front office!

In 2007, as if Sac Mag couldn’t get more awesome, they launched Our Wedding  Magazine so all of the cool kids could have cool weddings. Honestly, I have yet to meet anyone who is planning a local wedding that has not had a stack of Our Wedding magazines to use as reference, inspiration, and guidance.  It’s beautiful and informative and it doesn’t feel like you are just flipping through a ton of ads to get to the good stuff. Even the ads are helpful for the planning process.!


For information on subscribing to Sac Mag or Our Wedding, you can go HERE & HERE. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook the latest and greatest!

Sponsor Spotlight – The Party Concierge



If you have not attended an event that The Party Concierge has had a hand in, then you HAVE NOT YET LIVED!! Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But, really, any event with TPC involved, is an event worth attending. Their product always delivers, leaving people in awe of the results. Just check out their ridiculous gallery HERE.

The Party Concierge has been spreading their creativity around Sacramento and beyond for over 20 years. They offer everything from the most lavish balloon art, ice & foam carving, flowers, every theme of props and backgrounds you can imagine, uber fancy furniture, lighting, I could go on. And on.

091    018    148

As you may remember, TPC was in the news not too long ago when a devastating fire burned the warehouse to the ground. But 3 years later, you would never know, as they rose from the ashes and replaced, rebuilt, and regained what was lost in their shiny new 42,000 square foot warehouse a block away. They bounced back even better than ever!!

We are so proud to call The Party Concierge our friends and are in awe of how far they have come. They are the most fun to follow on Facebook, as they often post photos of the incredible designs they put together for various events. Follow them HERE, and come January 8th, 2016, you’ll be able to see them in action at the second annual Sacramento Couture Bridal Party!


Sponsor Spotlight – MR DJ Event Services


Welcome to our first installment of our Sponsor Spotlight!! We are so grateful and lucky to have such a talented team come together to help make this show happen, we think they each deserve to have their own spotlight moment here on the blog.

Now, I am a firm believer that ‘clicking’ with your wedding vendors is kind of a big deal. This is YOUR wedding, your vision, your day. You want to be on the same page as your vendors and they need to be in sync with your vision. They are going to be your team, your go-to’s, your idea-executors. You. Just. Gotta. Click.

With that being said, I would like to introduce you all to Mike Regan and his team over at MR DJ Event Services.  By the time you leave your initial consultation with Mike, he will be your new BFF. You will click. Mike just gets it! He has been in the industry since 1989 and has been ahead of the times ever since. They are more than just ‘the DJ’ by offering a slew of other services including event design and A/V (hello, slideshow!), photo booths and  fancy lighting. However, their DJ services are stellar. They go above and beyond in making sure your ceremony and reception go smoothly by being the Master of Ceremonies, not just the DJ with your playlist.  They use their personality, creativity and knowledge to make every event memorable.

Check out all the awesomeness that MR DJ Event Services has to offer HERE, and be sure to follow their blog HERE for helpful info and tips! Oh and don’t forget to like them on Facebook!


SNEAK PEAK!! Behind the Scenes of our ‘Couture’ Photoshoot!


Nicole Sepulveda, our rockstar XSight Photog, in action!

This is it! Sound the alarm! Hold on to your veils! Show planning is OFFICIALLY underway!! All hands were on deck yesterday as Jenifer Haupt, with I Make Beautiful, dolled up our already gorgeous and talented model, Christine Alward, while Miosa clothed her in one of their stunning gowns.  The ‘X-tremely’ talented staff from XSight Photography were in beast mode, as head photographer Nicole Sepulveda did her thing with Vern & Carlos by her side. A HUGE, huge thank you to EVERYONE involved! What a great way to kick off yet another amazing event!!

The 2016 Sacramento Couture Bridal Party will return to the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium on January 8th, 2016, bringing only the crème de la crème of Sacramento’s wedding vendors. Stay tuned for more to come!