Sponsor Spotlight Double Whammy: Sac Magazine & Our Wedding Magazine

Sacramento-Magazine-August-2015_Page_1    Our Wedding Cover

If you want to know where to go in Sacramento to be one of the cool kids, all you need to do is flip through a few pages of Sac Mag! Sacramento Magazine has been giving us the inside scoop on everything Sacramento for 41 years. Their annual Best of Sacramento party is the definition of epic epicness! If you haven’t been, have no fear, this is the year to make it happen because one of the biggest parties of the year is returning to the Sacramento Convention Center on November 12th!! (ticket info HERE!).  Seriously, ALL the cool kids will be there.  Don’t worry, you can sit at our table 😉

Best of Party

We, here at Classique Catering, have been long time readers and fans of Sac Mag and are proud to say that we have been voted Best Caterer by Sac Mag 12 years in a row!! We truly look forward to getting our monthly copies of the magazine in the mail and you will frequently see our Chef mosey through the office, asking if they have come yet. No lie.

Office Sac Mag Covers

Our ‘Best Caterer’ plaques, showcased in our front office!

In 2007, as if Sac Mag couldn’t get more awesome, they launched Our Wedding  Magazine so all of the cool kids could have cool weddings. Honestly, I have yet to meet anyone who is planning a local wedding that has not had a stack of Our Wedding magazines to use as reference, inspiration, and guidance.  It’s beautiful and informative and it doesn’t feel like you are just flipping through a ton of ads to get to the good stuff. Even the ads are helpful for the planning process.!


For information on subscribing to Sac Mag or Our Wedding, you can go HERE & HERE. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook the latest and greatest!